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Flat Fee Discount Realty specializes in listing and selling all types of Real Estate since 2004. We could tell you all WE CAN DO for you, to help you sell your next property, but I would rather let some of the Sellers that we have worked with in the past tell you what WE DID DO instead. Below you will find some testimonials from previous clients of Flat Fee Discount Realty (previously named MLS4public).

We look forward to the opportunity to assist you in selling your next real estate property.

Dawn Faust,
Owner/Broker, MBA, GRI

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Here are just a few of our testimonials starting from the most recent.

In the spring of 2009, houses in my neighborhood had been on the market a year and longer without selling. I had just built my retirement home and needed to sell my old house.
So…what is a guy to do? I knew I would have to sell for less than my two neighbors. I thought about using a Sellers’ Agent but realized that would cost 6%. I decided to do a For Sale By Owner (FSBO) and share the 6% savings with my buyer. FSBO allowed me to offer a very attractive price. I knew that if anybody looked at my house they would buy it. Unfortunately, the sign in the front yard, Internet advertising, and newspaper ads failed to attract customers.
After a little looking around, I found that people like Dawn Faust could put me in the local multi-list service (MLS) database for $299. In the MLS I said I would pay the buyer’s real estate agent 3%. (Without the 3% the real estate agent has no motive to show my house.) This gave me the best of both worlds. If the buyer didn’t have a real estate agent, I would sell FSBO saving 6%; and if he had a real estate agent, I would save 3%. I started getting calls from realtors but had the problem of needing to leave work to open the house for showings. I paid $30 for a Master Lock key box. I gave the 4-digit combination to the realtor the day they needed to show the house and changed the combination when I got off work.
Anxiety attack! Can I survive without my own real estate agent? I had promised a real estate agent friend at church that I would use him if I didn’t sell my house in a few months. I asked him what he could do for me I wasn’t already doing for myself. He said he couldn’t do much more for me.
Second anxiety attack! How do I handle the title search and other legal details? It turns out that not even real estate agents know how to do this. You pay the abstract company to do this. They even arranged for the termination of my house payments and for the refund due me from my mortgage company.

So what did Dawn do for me?

1. Dawn kept me from pricing my house too low. I found houses on the Internet selling for fewer dollars per square foot than I was. Dawn checked them in the MLS and told me they were not active and hence should be disregarded. In the meantime, my neighbors who were asking too much have slowly lowered their prices to roughly the same price as mine.

2. Dawn told me what I was responsible for and what the buyer was responsible for (e.g., the buyer arranges for the termite inspection).

3. Dawn protected me from contingency contracts. Three couples who fell in love with our house and were absolutely certain they could sell their house quickly. The contingency contracts required me to sell my house to them after they sold their house. After discussing this with Dawn, I realized that the contract didn’t do anything to help me and that it gave the buyer loopholes to get out of the contract. On the two buyers I followed up on, neither has sold their house!

4. Dawn helped me negotiate the sale. The people who bought my house initially asked me to pay closing costs, repairs, etc. which totaled around $3,000. Based on Dawn’s advice, I offered $1,000; and they took it.

5. Finally, Dawn saved me $650 on the Treatments, Repairs and Replacements (TRR. Under the contract, the buyer paid a professional inspector to inspect my house for things which needed to be repaired or replaced. The buyer gave me a TRR with an estimated $1,000 of repairs. Most of the items on the TRR sounded valid to me, but turned out to be cosmetic items which the contract didn’t require me to fix.
Bottom Line: You don’t need your own real estate agent if you are willing to familiarize yourself with the contract, arrange for showings, and do some other legwork. You can use the 3% you save by using Dawn to reduce your price for a quick sell like I did or to ask market price and get a bigger profit. I went for the quick sell. In the meantime, my neighbors still have NOT sold. They’ve lowered their price—but it’s hard to lower your price when you have to pay your real estate agent 3%.

Thanks Again,
Vance Mansur

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Thanks, Dawn,

I can certainly recommend your service to others, nice, clean, simple, straightforward, and inexpensive especially when compared to the others.

Well done,

MLS4public (now named Flat Fee Discount Realty) served exactly the purpose that we needed. It provided us with the service to list our investment house on MLS without having to pay a realtor 2 or 3 %. We had completely remodeled the house, so we didn’t need a realtor for advice on how to prepare the house for sale.

So, for a real estate knowledgeable person, MLS4public (now named Flat Fee Discount Realty) provides a great service. All services were as advertised and provided in a timely manner. Required paperwork was provided to keep everything in compliance.

I have no complaints or suggestions. Keep up the good work.


Tom Bartz

We were very satisfied with the response and results we received by listing with mls4public (now named Flat Fee Discount Realty). Our traffic and calls on our home increased substantially by listing our home. I would recommend this service highly.

Erik Eldridge

Thank you very much for your help.
I very much appreciate realtors like you who give an opportunity to owners to sell their home on their own. I will highly recommend your service if one of my friends is selling a house.
Marian Turac
We sold our house in 5 days with your service. We have been very happy with all aspects, but we did our research first! I did my own marketing and we had our sign ready loaded with flyers. We had already prepped our house before we listed and had a storage unit filled with kids clothes, and toys. You were attentive and helpful.
Happy to help with anything you need.

Very satisfied; We have had more calls on our house since we listed than we ever have before. The leads are qualified leads too! And our phone number is on our sign.

Jessica Jeter

Our house closed today so you can switch it from pending to SOLD!! Thanks so much for your help. Our house had been on the market for months but after listing it with you, it sold in exactly 45 days!

Merry Christmas!
Adam & Barbara Davis

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I am holding Open Houses on Sunday March 1st from 2 to 4pm and Sunday, March 29th from 2 to 4pm.
Thank you so much for your help. You have been very helpful and I would highly recommend you to others in the future.
Gail Blaylock
Your service provided all that we needed. It is definitely a step up from for sale by owner. Considering our neighborhood is one that families usually relocate from other regions, it helps to have it on a listing for realtors to see. I was also able to obtain helpful tips along the way.

Thanks for everything.

Martha Stockton

I was very pleased with MLS4public.com (now named Flat Fee Discount Realty). I don’t think we could have sold our house in the time length we did without it. I would highly recommend MLS4public’s service.
J. Talley
Thanks so much!
House sold as scheduled on July 24. Thank
you for your help and services. You were a true
professional and we are very satisfied customers.
Thanks, Tim

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