Website Disclaimer

We appreciate your business. Please verify your Listing information carefully and notify us via EMAIL if any changes need to be made as soon as possible.

Please EMAIL a minimum of 6 photos in a .jpg format direct to so the photos can be uploaded to the MLS. Please send photos as ATTACHMENTS (do NOT send linked jpegs from GoogleDrive or other cloud platforms). Depending on the photo size, you may need to send a few emails or compress the photos to a zip file. We cannot download photos from any website as they often pixelate, distort or the photos download too small.

PLEASE KEEP THIS EMAIL:  Once you SIGN and ACCEPT an offer, you must forward the following information to us:


  1. What is the MLS number or Listing Address?


  1. What was the Buyer’s Realtor’s Name (if any)?


  1. When was the Contract Acceptance Date?


  1. When is the Anticipated Closing Date?


  1. What was the Final Sales Price of the property? $


  1. Were there any Seller Concessions (example : an agreement specifically stated in the sales contract between the seller and the buyer in which the seller commits to pay a specific portion of the buyer’s closing or other costs)?

VERY IMPORTANT : Please EMAIL the above information to us within 24 hours after signing a Purchase Agreement.  As our client, you agreed to pay all fines administered by the local MLS for not providing us with accurate and up-to-date information regarding your Real Estate transaction.  Please do NOT forget this very important task as you may incur fines from MLS. 

*Once your listing has completely posted on (within 72 hours of being activated) you will notice a personal extension on the first line of text. When dialed, this will ring directly to the personal number you provided in your paperwork via filter on the account. Please make sure to test this by calling the number & entering your personal extension from any outside number not associated with your phone number.  

*Please notify us via EMAIL if you ordered a YARD SIGN with your listing option. Please email the address you would like the sign sent to.

*Please notify us via EMAIL if you would like to change the LIST PRICE of the property, the amount of the commission offered to the Buyer’s Agent or if you would like to add an OPEN HOUSE date and time to your listing. 

*Once your property is posted in the Local MLS system that data automatically downloads into other Realty websites including and some MLS's are not downloading to websites like Zillow & Trulia. How the information is ultimately posted on other websites is beyond our control.  Real Estate websites sell zip codes to local Realtors in your area, so Buyer inquiries will go directly to that Realtor. The MLS guidelines prohibits private information from being posted on their website. If a Buyer is interested in your property, the Buyer will contact their Realtor so the Realtor can use their password to look up your private contact information. Our ultimate goal is to have Realtors help bring you a qualified Buyer.

*Please go to the Zillow / trulia website and claim your listing so you can update your listing as needed.

Oklahoma Buyer / Seller Contracts:

Texas Buyer / Seller Consumer Forms:

Texas Buyer / Seller Contracts:

We do not supply a Combo Key Box. However, you may obtain one from a hardware store.

Flat Fee Discount Realty Does NOT Provide the Following Services

*Flat Fee Discount Realty will not answer Buyer inquiries or questions regarding your property listing. We will not schedule showings or inspection appointments. We will redirect those inquiries directly to you.

*We will not attend the final transaction at the closing title company.

*The Buyer’s Broker is not required to perform the above-listed services and is not required to provide assistance to the Seller in any manner. Flat Fee Discount Realty is your Broker. Please contact Flat Fee Discount Realty for assistance.

*It is the YOUR responsibility to contact Flat Fee Discount Realty to update the MLS within 24 hours of an Executed Contract.

About the MLS

The purpose of the MLS is to provide participants of the MLS with a means of making offers of compensation to other MLS participants in respect to properties exclusively listed by them so that they may better serve the buying and selling public.

PLEASE NOTE: If a REALTOR® shows your property to the buyer that ultimately purchases your property, that REALTOR® is the Procuring REALTOR® and is due the commission.

The Seller (you) must agree to these terms and conditions. The Listing Fee is earned when the property is posted in the MLS. The Seller (you) agree that once your listing is posted on the MLS it is fully understood that there is no refund and the Seller (you) waive the right to a merchant chargeback.

Thank you for your cooperation and thank you for your business.